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Custom Engraving

What we offer:

RMK Designs crafts custom designed signs and plaques for your home or business. Our products include:
  • Wall plaques
  • Table top plaques
  • Award plaques
  • Name Plaques


fractal Wood Burning Plaque on stand
"3D carved sign of Crazy Cat Ranch with color"

Our signs are designed in our CAD software and machined using our ShopBot CNC Machine. This machine alows us to carve a custom in a fraction odf the time it would take to do so by hand. I look at the addition of this machine to our "toolbox" as a step forward in producing high quality accurate signs and plaques. It also opens up the possibility of even more detailed intricate carvings.

For examples and to help with inspiration to design your own custom sign please visit our examples page


Start the process with the online form

The process we use to design a custom sign or plaque is to start by filling out our sign order form. If you want a fully custom sign than us our custom form page. If you want to choose options that have already been designed than please visit our sign design form.

The design flow consists of these steps

To ensure a smooth and accurat design.