RMK Designs Fine Woodworking Studio

Christmas Art and Craft Sale - November 14, 2020 8am - 5pm

Prescott Studio Tour Artist - Studio #25 Woodworking with Richard Kerrell

Richard M. Kerrell - Wood Artist

Open Studio - Christmas Art and Craft Sale!

My wife and I want to invite those interested in unique works of art to visit our newly built studio. This has been several years in the making. The new building has increased the size and capacity of our workshop. We have also invested in new equipment to help us craft more complex projects allowing us to offer our clients increased options for their projects.

As a bonus we have invited several Chino Valley artists to participate in our first Christmas Art and Craft Sale. This will be an opportunity to purchase unique work from artisans for yourself or as gifts. See the list of who has confirmed below. Check back often to see the updated list.


Our studio is located at 1520 S. Robin Lane, Chino Valley, Arizona 86323. We are at mile marker 5 about a mile west of highway 89 off Outer Loop Rd. If you are unable to make it for the Christmas Art and Craft Sale please Contact me for an appointment to visit our studio at a more convenient time.

Demonstration - Custom Signs - Fiber spinning

Richard Kerrell- Custom Signs

Custom Sign for residential or commercial
"We create custom signs for residential and commercial applications"

I will be demonstrating how I engrave custom signage. Our custom signs can be created for your home such as address signs or commercial product information signs. During our open studio I will be showing how I design the signs in CAD software and cut them on a CNC machine. We will also have examples of previous signs that have been made. As part of the demonstration I will show how 3D carving works as well as coloring the engravings to highlight the depth.

Sandra- Fiber Spinning

Custom Sign for residential or commercial
"Wood spinning wheel used in the making of fiber yarn"

Sandra will be demostrating how cotton fibers are spun on the wood spinning wheel to create yarn to weave into her handwoven towels and other works. This will be a fasinating demo on how things used to be made.

Richard Kerrell - Wood Boxes and Furniture

Double Heart Box
"Double Heart Box by Richard kerrell"

Rich Kerrell is a wood artist currently located in the Prescott area of Arizona. Rich grew up in Southern California and was involved at an early age creating. As a child growing up in Los Angles, California Rich would take scraps of lumber that his dad discarded from a home addition to craft tables and chairs. These were very simply crude creations that would be made from plywood, moldings, and 2x4’s. Once Rich entered middle school, he got involved in shop classes where he learned to be more precise and craft more refined works. By this time Rich was hooked on woodworking.

With a move to San Diego, Rich further refined his skills through High School and then in custom woodworking shops. Now as a custom woodworker in his own studio Rich works to create unique works using interesting wood combinations. The woods used are recycled cutoffs from many years of collecting wood from a guitar manufacture he worked at for over 13 years. He has also incorporated other materials into his work such as acrylic casting and various metals. As his work evolves new and fascinating shapes will emerge.

Sarah Loynd – Wood Jewelry - Dysfunctional Wood Art

Raven on Manzanita Branch
"Raven on Manzanita Branch by Sarah Loynd"

In 2010 Sarah lost her “real” job and was free to pursue her wood crafting passion alongside her husband. She has worked closely with Rich to advance her woodworking skills. Together they play off their strengths to create wonderful works of wood art.

Recently, Ravens have been of interest to Sarah. Currently Sarah has three pieces on display at The Village Gallery that represent the birds on recycled copper wrapped manzanita branches. She has captured the blue iridescence of the birds with a metallic paint mixed with trans tint dye. In the sunlight the sparkle is visible. Sarah also enjoys working on wood jewelry. Using cutoffs from Rich’s previous projects and incorporating fractal wood burning with recycled copper house wire to create one-of-a-kind pendants.

Invited Local Artists

Michael Brown Plate
"Plate by Michael Brown"

Michael Brown - LizardHill Pottery - Ceramics

Ceramics has been a part of my creative art world since my first college class in 1975. I have been steadily making pottery for over 30 years. Now after my retirement from working in higher education, I have brought to life LizardHill Pottery out of my home studio. Working with clay has always been an imaginative and contemplative process for me. I’m drawn to both the crafts and the arts as expressions of living with beauty. I work with stoneware and porcelain clay bodies, with my focus on both functional and decorative pieces. Simple clean designs with rounded features are the most appealing to me. My decorative ceramic work is dominated by alternative firing processes. The Japanese and Korean pottery influences are very much evident in my work. I believe that their artistic expressions stand the test of time. Raku, Saggar, and Pit Firing are my methods of choice. I enjoy the challenges of manipulating the glaze and firing techniques to produce a colorful and kinetic statement.

Jane heckle Jewelry
"Jane Heckle Jewelry"

Jane Heckle - Jewelry

I make one of a kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants using a wide assortment of components including gemstones ,shell, glass beads, sterling silver, metals and leather. I love variety, so my pieces can be worked by stringing, braiding (kumihimo), wire wrapping and weaving,and recently silversmithing.

Sandra Woven Towels
"Hand Woven Towels by Sandra"

Sandra - Handwoven Towels- Spining Wheel Demonstration

Sandra Makes the most amazing handwoven cotton fiber towels. She uses a vintage wooden spinning wheel to create the fibers to weave her towels. You must visit to feel the difference that hand woven fabric makes.