Twist Top Wood Box – Purple Dyed Lid

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Wooden Twist Top Box with Dyed Quilted Maple Lid

Features and Benefits:

  • Made with 100% salvaged premium grade hardwoods
  • Handcrafted from wood discarded during the guitar manufacturing process
  • Twist top lid is secure and easy to open and close
  • Interior compartment is perfect for keeping your valued possessions safe
  • Perfect for ring presentations during weddings
  • Body of the box made with Honduras Mahogany
  • Top crafted with highly figured Quilted Maple Dyed with Trans Tint Colors and inlaid with an Abalone Dot
  • Looks great in any style of décor


   Twist Top Box

   Handcrafted using the finest woods including Honduras Mahogany for the body of the box. The twist top lid is made with Quilted Maple, which is a highly figured wood that has the appearance of “Pockets”in the wood. The tops have also been dyed with a Trans Tint Dye to add a pop of color. Trans Tint Dyes are colorfast which means that the color will not fade over time. What you see today will remain for many years.

   The box was crafted from a single piece of wood and carved out to form the compartment. The lid was then pined to the box with a brass rod. After fitting the lid for proper function, the box is sanded with fine sandpaper and dyed with the color of choice. The box is coated with a satin lacquer to seal the wood and keep the box looking new for many years.

   Once you twist the lid open you will reveal a compartment that is lined with felt. This box is the perfect solution for storing your wedding ring at night. People also love them for keeping their valued positions, such as coins, in a safe place. The color adds a unique feel to the box. No two are the same!!!!


  • Made from 100% recycled salvaged hardwoods
  • Woods include Honduras Mahogany, Dyed Quilted Maple
  • Exterior Dimensions: 1 ¾ in. High, 2 ¾ in. Wide, 2 ¾ in. Long
  • Interior Dimensions: 2 1/8 in. diameter compartment 7/8 in. Deep
  • Twist lid pined to box with brass rod
  • Use for ring, coins, other small valuables
  • Designed and handcrafted by Sarah Loynd
  • SKU: RMK-127
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