Wenge Wood Pendant with Wire

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Handcrafted jewelry pendant with Wenge wood embellished with Copper and aluminum wire complete with 18” Stainless Steel chain

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed and crafted by Sarah Loynd in her Arizona studio using 100% recycled wood
  • You are ensured a unique look with this one of a kind pendant
  • The Wenge wood used to craft this pendant is an exotic wood from Africa.
  • This piece features an 18 inch stainless steel chain for those who prefer hypoallergenic necklaces
  • This pendant has a stunning wood grain with Copper and aluminum wire accents


   This wood pendant is a one of a kind design. No two are the same due to Sarah’s process of twisting the wire and using a 20 ton hydraulic press to form the wire into the design that you see on the pendant. Sarah starts with a blank of Wenge lumber, which is an African hardwood, then shapes and sands the surfaces smooth and completes the woodwork by sealing the wood with shellac. The next step is to form the twisted wire into its rough shape. Once she is happy with the design of the wire it is put into the 20 ton hydraulic press to complete the wire work. The press compresses the wire into a flat design that is then stitched onto the wood using copper wire. The resulting pendant is then ready for its stainless steel chain to complete the piece.


  • SKU: RMK-304
  • Wenge wood with shellac finish
  • Twisted copper and aluminum wire using recycled copper wire
  • 1-3/4 in. diameter pendant
  • 1/4 in. overall thickness
  • 18” stainless steel chain
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